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Mini Dash v1.05

Mini Dash v1.05Mini Dash is a very beautiful classic game in which you have to move the hero of the game left and right and of course jump up, face the challenges that exist in an amazing world and successfully overcome them. let the . Enjoying awesome graphics and of …

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Checkers v4.1.276

Checkers v4.1.276Classic style graphics and smooth gameplay are the features of this popular game, ie Chickers. Features of this game include the following: 10 different stages, from easy to difficult Two-player game Ability to change the previous nut Ability to use the game guide Prerequisites:Android 2.3 and aboveSize :3.02 MB …

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Space Frontier 2 v1.1.4

Space Frontier 2 v1.1.4We humans have lived on this planet for millions of years and over the years we have learned a lot about the laws of nature and their order, but we know nothing about the planets, so we have been trying to enter this unknown world for years …

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