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Music Player Plus v3.1.7

Music Player Plus v3.1.7Music player with professional equalizer and fast search feature. In addition to the singer and the album, this powerful audio player also pays attention to the structure of the folders, so that in the blink of an eye, it acquaints you with all the songs that you …

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Bass Booster Pro v3.1.3

Bass Booster Pro v3.1.3Bass Booster Pro is a powerful tool that allows you to adjust the equalizer bands professionally on your Android. This software with its many options will help you to easily be able to see a different experience of your Android audio output in any situation and when …

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SoundWire v3.0

SoundWire v3.0It must have happened to you that you want to listen to the beautiful music you have on your computer on your mobile phone, but you did not do so due to lack of necessary hardware. SoundWire program is able to use hardware files only by using wireless files. …

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Symphony Music Player Reborn v5.0

Symphony Music Player Reborn v5.0Symphony Music Player Reborn is the best and most beautiful music player for your Android device. This app changes the way you listen to music with many customization options. With this program you can download song covers, create multiple playlists and much more. Browse your music …

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Music Player v5.9

Music Player v5.9Music Player is the name of a music player for Android devices. By using and installing this program on your phone, you can easily and quickly access your music. It is noteworthy that this application has several dedicated widgets that by placing it on the screen, you will …

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