Sheypoor v5.5.0

Sheypoor v5.5.0
Sheypoor v5.5.0

SheypoorThe name of an Iranian application that by installing and using it, you will be able to easily access new or second-hand goods that you intend to buy without intermediaries, or to sell your goods. One of the most important features of the horn is the various categories in it that can undoubtedly meet all your needs. In addition, with the ability to filter the results based on your desired province, you can more easily find sales options that are closer to you in terms of distance. Another interesting and of course practical feature of this software is the ability to make a call or send a text message to the desired seller with just one click and of course no need to enter the number, which will definitely save your time. Also, the wide range of Trumpet users will promise you a presence in a dynamic market with dozens of shopping options that are increasing in number on a daily basis.


Attributes :

Ability to search among existing items

Ability to filter offers by price

21 different categories

Ability to subscribe and add favorites to your favorites list

And …


Version 5.5.0 changes:

Access the list of all stores

Improve the store user experience

Improved ad submission

Overall app improvement

Offer car prices in ad registration

Specify good prices in car ads

Possibility to buy a car expert on the details of the ad

Ability to add business and service links

Fix application problems

Ability to send image in chat

Ability to send addresses from the map in chat

Ability to delete chat messages

Ability to block the user in chat

more information

Android 4.0
And higherCurrent version:
Size :ЩМ
This app requires internet
Update history :


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